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Low-energy Lidar, Radar and Sonar readers are mechanically integrated into street furniture such as a parking station.Each sensor detects two parking spaces simultaneously and has a battery life of 10 years with its interchangeable batteries. The installation of the sensors does not require any electrician intervention.

  • 10 years with its replaceable batteries
  • No need for an electrician intervention
  • Integrated solar panel


Hubs connected (120V) and strategically positioned to record positions, data and parking statuses in order to transfer the information through a LTE network to a central system.

  • Transfer using LTE network
  • Connected hubs (120V)

Central system

Central system that collects and processes raw data with machine learning and positioning algorithms. It is also possible to integrate a blockchain system for increased security. This system makes it possible to display understandable and relevant data on a simplified dashboard. It also allows for the synchronization of data from external sources, such as weather or data from freight carriers. The central system can accurately monitor data, in addition to being able to send commands in real time.

  • Process raw data with machine learning algorithms
  • Synchronize data from external sources
Evaluate your parking
Price may vary according to the parking type, the location, the mechanical integration of the sensor and the desired options.

Mobile app

The commercial application provide informations in real time about free parking spaces and it could be
used to reserve a parking lot.

  • Inform user in real time
  • Allows you to make a reservation or a payment

Features in development

Our dashboard gives you access to a lot of relevant information for the management of your parking. It is possible with the tailor-made services of Amotus to fit your needs by adapting the product to your own specifications. We also have an API to integrate part of the dashboard into your existing system

  • Tailor-made addition
  • Integration to your existing system

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