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Targeted issues

Within the next 30 years, it is expected that two third of the world’s population will live in urban areas. Thousands of movements happen every day across the city through different transportation methods. It causes more and more traffic and this situation needs to be addressed. As a parking owner, you want to offer a unique service to your clients so the stress is reduced and they know they can rely on your service. Our solution improves the following:

  • Stress reduction for parking search
  • Prevents charging stations from being unavailable, but not used
  • Reduces unnecessary loss of time for people to search for free parking
  • Replace actual non-efficient technologies
  • Improve management by using relevant data


As a parking manager, you will be able to develop a relevant database to improve the daily operations of your organisation. It will be possible to adjust parking rates according to the usage, improve your customers experience with online booking or dynamic message signs, improve staff management, facilitate reports writing for environmental norms and simplify parking space management. Thus, as a manager, you will improve your procedures and you will make better decisions based on real data.

Evaluate your parking
Price may vary according to the parking type, the location, the mechanical integration of the sensor and the desired options.

What’s next

Outdoor dynamic sign

Systems equipped with signalers and screens in order to communication available parking spaces.

Charging station booking

Parking readers added to a power sensor notifies the user that a charging station is free for booking.

Licence plate reading

Licence plate readers using a camera enables to add data on frequency, time of use and the number of parking left.

Monitoring and detection by camera

Camera equipped with a noise sensor enables to detect impacts and record them. This is an equipment useful for insurance negociation.


Our dashboard gives you access to multiple relevant information for the management of your parkings. With the tailor-made services of Amotus, it is possible to create a product that perfectly fits your needs. We also have an API to integrate a portion of the dashboard into your existing system.

  • Customized add-ons
  • Integration to your existing system

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