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Spatium is a parking management system that informs users of available spaces in real time and allows them to park faster.

Based on a complete IoT platform, Spatium can be used as a stand-alone parking management system or integrated into an existing management system. This system can also be used for parallel parking in streets, storey parking or parking lots.

Evaluate your parking
Price may vary according to the parking type, the location, the mechanical integration of the sensor and the desired options.

Characteristics of the product


Exchangeable battery with a duration of 10 years

Solar Panel

A solar panel is integrated to automatically charge the battery, for a longer life


Bluetooth Mesh and Wifi are the communication protocol


Space sensors are possible through Lidar, Sonar and Radar readers

Pedestrian counter

On commercial ways, readers can count the number of people walking along the street

Mechanical integration

Spatium can be integrated to urban or commercial furnitures

Obstruction detector

For a better management, the system detects unknow elements


The dashboard system enables you to follow the activity of your parking in real time. It can also be integrated to your existing tools

Mobile app

The mobile app is not mandatory, but it enables the user to visualize free parking spaces. Data can also be integrated to an existing app

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System for cities

We have already developed a great collaboration with the city of Quebec, we now want to facilitate parking management in your city.

System for owners

We know that parking management can be painful. Most parking lots are outsourced to a management firm. We offer a complementary tool that will optimize your operations.

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  • info@amotus.ca
  • Quebec, Canada