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Amotus is a designed house offering electronic and software development for customized interconnected solutions.

It is a company of engineers and programmers united to connect a smart, sustainable and responsible world. Since then, the last five years, the company has completed more than 75 service projects in 15 countries. She has earned the trust of world-class companies for her precise skills in developing simple, efficient, and certified connected objects. The company has been selected and has won several entrepreneurial competitions including Fidéides.


Engineers and Programmers




Completed Projects


Amotus uses technological solutions to tackle the challenges of the companies it works with. We work primarily on machine-to-machine connectivity, the creation of new connected products, the development of electronic subsystems and production parts for connected products.

  • Electronic and firmware design of connected systems
  • Tailor-made sensors
  • Router relay between sensors and back end
  • Back end for receiving data
  • Connection of unconnected products
  • Mobile and multiplatform apps
  • Adapting systems to connectivity
  • Remote control and monitoring (Cloud)
  • Security of connected systems
  • Support for product certification
Our specialities
Linux Development (Yocto, Kernel, Drivers)
Development of products with wireless technology (WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, 802.15.4, Zigbee and others)
Development of Qt cross-platform software (iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux)

Our Products

At Amotus, we tackle societal issues with our expertise and our technological solutions. We are proud to get positively involved to interconnect a smart, sustainable and responsible world.


Parking management system that informs users available spaces in real time and allows them to park faster. This system can also be used for parallel parking in streets, storey parking or parking lots. Based on a complete IoT platform, Spatium can be used as a stand-alone parking management system or integrated into an existing management system.


Statum is an industrial IoT (IIoT) system that provides real-time information on the position and status of your equipment or products in your buildings, construction sites, supply chain and distribution network. It is also possible to detect different statuses of your assets, such as vibration, temperature and other information to avoid waste, breakdowns, theft and loss of time.


Nubitus is a connected tool which automates file management for any instrument or device equipped with a USB port. Easy to use, the Nubitus receives files from anywhere and transfers data automatically to your own private server or cloud solution without any manipulation.

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